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Written by Knightking03 44 minutes ago
why i am i reviewing this anime...simple bcoz this is my first time reviewing here.... And why i am only reviewing this anime...bcoz this is the anime which took my interset thn anyother anime....why? bcoz it has both ecchi,romance,harem,action,school...but most of has a story thn anyother ecchi anime i have came read more
Written by JamestheReviewer 50 minutes ago
My abridged review of Absolute Duo, an ecchi harem that is actually not half-bad. For the full review, please click on the link and let me know what you thought of the series in the comments. The main character, Tōru, is a generally likable main protagonist, who is an example of read more
Written by KeyboardKafe 1 hour ago
Unlike what a lot of popular opinions might state, it’s safe to believe that we are a legion of completely different beings. Unique in mentality, emotional structure, and often argued, purpose. Knowing this… Do you ever just, sit and wonder why we are here? What is our purpose? What does read more
Written by mhoho88 1 hour ago
Having finished the entire second season here are some of my opinions on how this season turned out. I have assumed anyone reading this has watched the first season. Story: 6 (Fair) The first half of this season focused in a lot more on the element of MMORPG raiding and immediately read more
Written by Republic 2 hours ago
It set up really well to then leave the scene, and give the spotlight to the angsty pizza boy. The show started out looking promising but failed to keep a good pacing. It gave one of the most forced and painfully pretentious protagonists I've seen. It keeps trying to convince you read more

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