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Written by D1N0M1NAT0R 58 minutes ago
So i watched this Anime, i already liked Initial D years ago. But what i can tell is, that the Producers try with this new Movie to find more Fans maybe some who never Watched it before because the graphics where absolutly bad in past. What i liked is that read more
Written by daimonfo 2 hours ago
Probably the most honest, straightforward and amazing ecchi out there. I wouldn't say is borderline hentai, but it will seem so on moments. I love pretty much all of it. The story is not mind blowing, but its very well explained. There's way more than just accidental boob touching. Way more. Your mind will read more
Written by TheLordRYO 2 hours ago
You know how sometimes people ask how different your life could have been if you never met a particular person? In a way, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure embodies this perfectly. If you're a fan of OTT action anime (such as Gurren Lagann or Dragon Ball Z for example), then you'll love JJBA. The read more
Written by lokergnome 2 hours ago
Akatsuki no Yona is definitely a solid anime BUT it is definitely NOT for those who are interested in anime's similar to style, pace and structure of >>> e.g nanatsu no taizai or seirei no morbito . Though similar in some aspects, this anime does well read more
Written by SovietPsycho 3 hours ago
I speak for this anime on a personal basis, and I don't believe I've had this feeling in a while. The urge to write an anime review, loving an anime and connecting to it to the point where you want, no, you MUST, find some way to connect further with read more

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