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Which character do you hate the most??
12 replies by Dee15gon »»
03-14-15, 3:32 AM
What have you seen?
30 replies by razortongue »»
02-28-15, 12:12 AM
Favorite Gundam Game
20 replies by JeffreyZin »»
02-18-15, 9:43 PM
WHAT GUNDAM would be your choice ( 1 2 3 )
127 replies by Rapter24 »»
01-16-15, 3:00 PM
Favorite Gundam Males
8 replies by Sieg_Zeon »»
01-14-15, 11:38 PM

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JeffreyZin | Yesterday, 3:45 AM
I mean I found out it was nothing interesting for me in GBF Try even it's only one episode left.

JeffreyZin | 03-25-15, 8:41 PM
Gundam BF needs a season 3 because it has nothing to do with the previous season!

NotJizzyHitler | 03-24-15, 6:01 PM
slaine = jerid tier rival

JeffreyZin | 03-24-15, 5:14 PM

Baman | 03-18-15, 2:55 PM
Yea the BF battles vary quite a bit, I guess the MSes and their special tricks are the best part there. The focus on Sekai and the Burning in S2 is also pretty annoying since they don't really bother animating much in the way of visually interesting martial arts, leaving us with just the flashy auras and fist beams.
But then again there have been some pretty interesting battles now and then.

The problem with 00 was mostly the first season imo, as the battles apart from a couple towards the end, were almost unwatchably boring and only consisting of the special snowflake Gundams annihilating swathes of shitty mook MS, same problem that Wing suffered from a lot.
But in the second season, once they got rid of the retarded power level disparity, stuff got a lot more interesting, even if it was mostly beamspamming and special attack stuff.

Kellhus | 03-18-15, 2:18 PM
I thought the battles in 00 were relatively legit, maybe it just felt like that because they were the only good thing about the series though (Kawai BGM helped).

My favorite traditional Gundam battles are still in 0079 though, they felt the most "realistic" in context. I liked how no matter how good the pilot was they could be instantly killed or the unit massively damaged in an instant (and it worked both ways, sometimes bad pilots got lucky and vice versa). It also didn't have Gundams destroying literally dozens of mobile suits with beams in a few seconds every battle, even Amuro had to struggle against just a few suits at once and it's not until the very end of the series that he is able to take on a squad alone (the development of his skills felt natural and was exciting, since he was basically defending WB alone at times). Zeta was oddly lacking this aspect and no other Gundam series has really captured it since. The fencing thing at the end is pretty ridiculous/pointless, but I won't complain about a sword fight in space. The bazooka headshot cancels it out haha.

For just pure MS porn though my vote definitely goes to Unicorn, nothing else even remotely compares and it set a new mark.

mecharobot | 03-17-15, 7:25 PM
I don't even know if BF has good battles, especially in the 2nd season with the Jigen hao ryu nonsense. The suits themselves are rather detailed and give lots of good shots, but there's too much locking beams, color explosions and screaming for me to consider them good Gundam battles. 00 I think has some of the better in the franchise, especially the final encounter which kind of played it straight for once (no random fencing matches bs).

Baman | 03-17-15, 5:58 PM
Yea, ever since Zeta most Gundams outside of a few like War in the Pocket or Turn A have just had generic copypaste stories, and even Zeta had it's share of complete nonsense twists.

Really though, the battles and MS porn is pretty much the only reason to bother watching, and while 00 and Age were pretty bad, G-reco and GBF have been pretty good with that.

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